Hans-Gert Poettering welcomes the election results in Slovenia

The Chairman of the EPP-ED Group, Hans-Gert Poettering, has welcomed the election results in Slovenia as a great success for the three EPP sister parties, the „Slovenian Democratic Party“ (SDS), the „New Slovenia – Christian People’s Party“ (NSi) and the „Slovenian’s People’s Party“ (SLS).

He congratulated the Chairmen of each of the three parties – Mr Janez Janša (SDS), Mr Andrej Bajuk (NSi) and Mr Janez Podobnik – and pointed out that this result was a „tremendous success“ for each of the parties and their chairmen. Mr Poettering also said that this would give an opportunity for political change and a new start in the country.

Mr Poettering, in the name of the EPP-ED Group, said that he is looking forward to continuing the good relationship which he had with the three sister parties and their chairmen while they were in opposition in their new capacity within the new Slovenian government and in particular with Mr Janez Janša as new Prime Minister of Slovenia.

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