Hans-Gert Poettering congratulates Kostas Karamanlis and Nea Demokratia on election victory in Greece.

In a letter to Kostas Karamanlis, President of the New Democracy Party of Greece, Hans-Gert Poettering, Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, congratulated the Greek leader on his overwhelming election victory in the general elections in Greece. He said:

„Let me express, also on behalf of the EPP-ED Group, our congratulations to you and to your Party after Sunday’s national elections!

„We are very happy that the EPP Political family may count again with a Prime Minister from Greece, after nearly 20 years of hard work in the opposition.

„As Chairman of the EPP-ED Group but also on my own behalf, I want to congratulate you personally for this great victory, which is also the one of your true European convictions. I encourage you to keep them as an essential part of your political strategy, above all in the perspective of the upcoming enlargement and of the very important challenges we will face in the years ahead at European level.

„Therefore, we very much hope that you might be soon able to address, in your new functions as Prime Minister, our Group during a meeting, either in Brussels or in Strasbourg.

„We wish you and your Party the best of success during your new mandate and we look forward to our good co-operation.“

Further information from Katrin Ruhrmann, Tel, +32 475 493357

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