Hans Gert Poettering, Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament congratulates Czechs on the result of the referendum

“I am happy to see that the result of the referendum on European enlargement has been achieved” said Hans-Gert Poettering, chairman of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats (EPP-ED) in the European Parliament.

“The road to European enlargement has been extremely challenging. On the one hand Czechs have always been part of Europe; and on the other hand they were deprived of being integrated into the European community for more than half a century. At last they will be a part of a democratic Europe where comebacks of past totalitarian regimes will not be possible. The Czech Republic and the European Union will now have a common future“ concluded Hans-Gert Poettering.

“The result is not least due to the excellent work done by political parties belonging to our political family in the Czech Republic and we congratulate them on this result.” Poettering also mentioned the presence of 14 Czech observers sitting in the EPP-ED Group. The 14 observers from the Czech Republic in the EPP-ED Group are representing three national political parties (KDU-CSL, ODS, US-DEU). They will participate in the work of the European Parliament until the European elections in June 2004.

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