Message from Hans-Gert Poettering, Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament to the Democratic Rally in Cyprus, at the occasion of its Congress

„His Excellency The President of the Republic, Mr Glafcos Clerides,
Mr President of the Democratic Rally Mr. Nicos Anastasiades,
Dear Members of the Congress,

It’s an Honour for me to be invited, as Chairman of the EPP-ED Group at the European Parliament, to take the floor at the occasion of this important Congress of your Party. I wish to apologize for not being able to attend this Congress physically, but I’m very glad of the possibility to use the „modern technologies“ to express my warm feelings to all Members of the Democratic Rally.

The Democratic Rally has been an active member of the EPP family for many years now, it shares the same European Ideals, and is a strong supporter of the European vocation and orientation of Cyprus.

By adopting our EPP Declaration „A Union of values“, your Party proves that it is a fully European body, believing heartily in the European ideals, and participating in the historic process of the European integration.

You must know that both EPP Party and our EPP-ED Group at the European Parliament, the most important political force in that Assembly, strongly support the enlargement of the European Union, and of course the inclusion , as soon as possible, of the Cyprus Republic in that process.
You must know that our Group supports the Helsinki and Nice European Council decisions concerning Cyprus, as demonstrated recently at the occasion of the adoption of the Report on Cyprus.

We believe that EU should play a more active role in finding a solution to the Cyprus issue, being clear that any solution should respect the „acquis communautaire“.

The Bureau of our Group will have the honour and the great pleasure to visit Cyprus and to meet some of you in a couple of weeks in Nicosia, at the occasion of its Bureau meeting. This event shows how much we, the EPP-ED Group, consider of the utmost importance the accession of your country to the EU family in the best possible conditions. The accession of Cyprus is of great value for the Cypriots of course, but also, and I mean it, for the citizens of all Europe.

Let me say that, as a German citizen, I can’t wait to see the last wall that divides Europe being demolished and dismantled. I’m confident that, thanks to your personal and political efforts, and with the help of the EU, we will not have to wait long for that. I thank you very sincerely for your attention, and wish you all success for your Congress“.

For any further information:
Katrin Ruhrmann Tel: +32 475 493357
or Antoine Ripoll EPP-ED Press Service Tel: +32 475 856290

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